Nothing now favours the poor, the education is already counted them out, and everything has been taken away from poor except his/her land.

So this newly passed four land-related bills by parliament has nothing in it good for poor but just came to finish him/her, to end only treasure that ancestors left, only the inherited gift from long gone poor parents.

So, this land is no longer belongs to them, is they want they must register it, really the literate level of poor Malawian cannot understand this.

Of course, the experts have come to convince the poor, claiming they do not understand the bill, as it will help the government to have money to end current the economic crisis.

But another expert of Economics at Chancellor College, Professor Ben Kalua is in doubt of good change from this development as he has understood that this bill will only worsen the business environment.

“There is a lot of pressure on the private sector and in the business due to the tax requirements, so the rates would be hard and will make the private sector to suffer. However, no one can say anything definite until we know the particular rates and if they are too primitive, the private sector will surely suffer,” said Kalua.

So you expect the poor to pay taxes on his /her land in the unfriendly environment of business more than the present one?

Will poor Malawians be able to survive in such harsh environment?

As Section 26:2 (c) reads “the occupier shall pay any applicable rent, fees, charges, taxes and other requirements, in respect of his occupation of the land.”

Will poor person be able to cater for all these necessaries?

It is not only the poor person who will suffer but the power of chiefs will be taken way as there is a requirement of registration of customary land in this bill.

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