Everyone was having an good time when suddenly they all stopped. They all smelled something terrible…
Party girl
Doo doo and feces was everywhere. She even pooped on her nice heels.
Party girl 2
People were shocked that this could even happen. Everyone was in a state of disbelief.
Party girl 4
How could she do this? Was it really that hard to hold it in? Or maybe someone slipped some laxative in her drink…

Party girl 5

Can you imagine what it must have felt like to be this girl’s boyfriend? He couldn’t just leave her… Everyone was probably thinking, “What kind of guy would dater her?”

Party girl 6

They made a hasty exit from the club, but they left a trail of evidence in their wake. This is truly disgusting.

Party girl 7

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  1. Uyu alibwino mofanana ndimakocha koma ngat ndiwabwinobwino ayenela kuzilemekeza ngat wakulu


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