The residents of Nakhanga Island in Nsanje, Malawi has disclosed that the government  has forgotten about their existence as they have no clinic, no roads, good schools and many people in an area are dying of hunger.

The Nakhanga Island came into its existence after the largest floods in 2014 rain season which separated them from Nsanje district.

One of the residents in this Island disclosed to local media that they suffer a lot when it comes to access medical services as they have to travel to Nsanje through boat which is also very risky.

Bangula displaced camp. Thomas Jacob from Makhanga. He lost two members of his family during the first night of floods. “We don’t have food. I am hungry” he says.

“We straggle a lot as we go far to Nsaje district or Bangula to access medical help. We have also two primary schools here but only one works.

“As we are closer to Mozambique we are afraid of being forced to be part of them. And this coming rain season , we are likely to be wiped away here by another flood, “said a resident.

The government of Malawi is aware of existence of the Nakhanga Island which have a population of people over 12000.

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