The Department of Climate Change and Metrological Services has predicted in its prospects for the 2016/2017 rainfall season that the greater part of the country will receive generally normal to above normal rainfall amounts.

However the department has not ruled out some chances of flooding and dry spells that are likely to occur in some areas during the same season.

The department’s director Jollam Nkhokwe disclosed this on Tuesday during a media briefing in the commercial capital Blantyre.

According to Nkhokwe, the assessment shows that between October and December 2016, the greater part of southern half of the country will have normal to above normal rainfall amounts.

He also said that during the same months, Northern region will receive normal to below normal rainfall amounts.

Nkhokwe further disclosed that in January to March 2017, the greater part of the country is expected to experience normal to above normal rainfall amounts.

The revelations has acted as a relief to the country considering the El-Niño weather experienced last year which caused dry spell especially in the Southern Districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje while in the Northern the situation was different.

The dry spell has seen the country harvesting little and over 6 million Malawians have been affected by hunger.

Meanwhile government has started purchasing Maize to feed hunger stricken families.

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