Africa has nothing to learn from the 2016 presidential debates as several critics have described is as worst ever following the presidential candidates are fond of attacking each other personalities instead of raising developmental points.

Monday 26 September marked the first presidential debate, and Sunday 3 October the second. In the first presidential debate, the broad consensus was that Hilary Clinton fared better. She exuded a sense of ease and preparation, while Trump appeared to be flustered by her personal attacks, which put him on the defensive rather than his usual confident offensive.

In second presidential debate, the outcome was decidedly opposite. Trump excelled with calmly executed one-liner attacks, but pundits still questioned whether he did enough to sway needed independent voters.

Winners and losers aside, the policy implications of the presidential debate in particular are important to note. Though neither Trump nor Clinton mentioned any African countries, a few key policy implications can be extrapolated from their discussions and the positions they have taken on the campaign trail.

Trump describes Africa as  inner cities of mess and used it to  attack Clinton.

“Also speaking of black men, you know who else should be in jail?” he asked. “Hillary Clinton. She’s committed so many crimes, she’s basically black.”

Clinton also cinched into contradiction at the end after being asked what she and Trump liked about each other.

“Donald Trump and I disagree on almost everything,” she said. “But I do like how generous he is. Just last Friday, he handed me this election.”

Africa can learn nothing from this  as its all being scorned too as candidates attack each other personally.


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