INDIA Westbrooks is often named one of the hottest girls on social media.

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And it’s absolutely clear to see why.

Between the insanely hot bod, angular jawline and boobs to rival Katie Price, it’s not difficult to see how she’s caught the eye of many a rapper in her time.

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Modelling under the name of India Love, the Californian stunner has enjoyed romances with The Game and Soulja Boy.

From Tumblr she worked her way up the social media ranks, racking up an impressive 2.5million Instagram followers at 20 years old.

But with her near topless displays, it’s not hard to see how she’s acquired an army of fans.

A melting pot of cultures – African American, Mexican, Creole and Native American – gives India her exotic looks.

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It’s no wonder she’s caught the eye of rapper, Drake.

According to reports, Drake has broken up with his on/off girlfriend Rihanna and is now dating India.

But the internet savvy beauty isn’t just all boobs and booty.

She managed to turn Instagram fame into cash with her own reality series.

With her four sisters Brooke, Morgan, Bree, and Crystal (yes, there’s four of them and they’re all ridiculously hot too) they star in The Westbrooks, a family reality series.

It’s no surprise she was tipped for Kardashian style fame.

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