Acting British High Commissioner to Malawi Simon Mustard has challenged the media in the country to expose mal-practices in the fight against corruption.

In an interface with the media in Lilongwe on Tuesday, Mustard said the credibility of Malawi deals with difficult issues like fighting corruption in both the public and private sectors.

“Corruption is the cancer that causes immense problems for countries like Malawi if not handled properly and establishes real trust issues with donors especially when they are ploughing in hundreds of millions of dollars as we are and many as are.

“The media has a key role to play in exposing and putting spotlight on malpractices and holding government, embassies accountable by among others, asking tough questions on humanitarian response, challenging all of us that we do the best for the Malawian people,” he said.

Mustard added that fighting corruption is a corrective responsibility and Britain will offer support and advice to the Malawi President and key institutions in the fight.

“Our role is to support the government and the people of Malawi as best as we can. The primary role is taken by state institutions like Anti-Corruption Bureau, Director of Public Prosecution, Law Society, Courts and Police officer. We are committed to supporting these institutions,” he said.

Among other issues, the Acting High Commissioner tackled during the interface, Britain committed to assist the government of Malawi in dealing with humanitarian issues that have come about due to the adverse effects of climate change.

Mustard said, “Britain is willing to assist Malawi to instigate a series of reforms that will help the country survive the shocks of climate change such as El-Nino more sustainable.

“That involves building the agriculture sector to grow enough food for consumption and export. It also includes providing food and basic supplies plus preventing the effects of drought Malawi is facing due to the adverse effect of El-Nino.”

Mustard replaced Michael Nervin on a temporary basis from September 2016 till Holly Tett takes over in January 2017.

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