Damion Rogers has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for defiling the a nine-year old girl in Traditional Authority Somba area in Blantyre.

Rogers, 22,  permitted himself to the act  on 20 June, 2016 which was again a big brow to his wife who left him later for another man.

Rogers was on Thursday convicted and sentenced by Blantyre Magistrates Court’s Chief Resident Magistrate Innocent Nebi after full trial and then the offender cried like little baby.

The notable things he cried for were the new molded bricks he left home and  his wife who dumped him while on remand and married another man which he depicted as punishment enough.

But Magistrate Nebi did not buy into Rogers’ lamentation but to slap him with a jail term on defilement charge which is contrary to Section 138 of the Penal Code despite his insistence of innocence.

Magistrate Nebi imposed a hard-labour jail term, a lesion enough for Rogers but also a determent to would-be offenders.

Rogers hails from Mwembere village, T/A Somba in Blantyre district.

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