Mocked TB Joshua makes U-turn, reinstates on Facebook Clinton win ‘prophecy’

A prediction by influential Nigerian TV evangelist TB Joshua that Hillary Clinton would win the US presidential election has reappeared after the post was removed from his Facebook yesterday.

Social Media Department of TBJMinistries told BBC in an email that the post was mistakenly deleted from Facebook.

“The post containing the prediction was “mistakenly removed and has been reposted as such is not our policy”, reads in part the email.

“Ten days ago I saw the president of America with a narrow win… What I frankly saw was a woman,” said the post, reiterating comments made by Mr Joshua in an address to his congregation on Sunday.

TB Joshua was widely mocked on social media when people noticed that the post had been removed, though many of his supporters on Facebook said they still considered him a prophet despite calling the election wrong.

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