President Arthur Peter Mutharika has accused  fellow party members of selfishness and advised them  to be responsible in all they do so that they serve Malawians efficiently in their role as a ruling party.

Speaking in Blantyre on Friday during a Blue Night Dinner Dance at Sanjika Palace, the President disclosed that being Leaders is to serve not to be worshiped.

“ As we are a ruling party lets be responsibility and sacrifices ourselves for the citizens of these country.

“Political power is a means for national development. Our final end is not to rule the country. Winning an election is not enough. Our ultimate goal is to develop this country. For this reason, we cannot aspire for power for prestige and status.

“Power is responsibility. Being a party in power is the highest national responsibility we must cherish,” he said.

He bemoaned the spirit of self centeredness that exists among some members in the party.

“This party has no place for people who just think of  ‘I, me and myself.’ We must be proud in sacrificing for our political cause. This party is us; and we are the party.”

He further reminded the gathering the role and the times in which the DPP exists as compared to previous ruling parties.

“The political mission of the Malawi Congress Party was to end colonialism and bring sovereign rule. The political mission of the United Democratic Front was to end dictatorship and bring democracy. Our political project is to develop this country.

“We are the hope of the people. That is why I urge you to adopt the spirit of self-sacrifice in serving the party,” said he.

He reiterated that the DPP is the only development conscious party in the country as evidenced by how it has transformed the Malawi in a short period of time.

Besides the many development projects that have already taken shape, it was also communicated during the function that President Mutharika will in the next three weeks undertake commissioning of three crucial projects in Water and Energy sectors.

These are the Kammwamba Coal Plant, Lake Malawi Water Supply and Mulanje Mountain Water Supply projects.

The dinner dance was organized to raise funds for party activities in the Southern Region. 

It was attended by Vice President Saulos Chilima, DPP executive members, members of parliament and well wishers among others.

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