Human right activist Billy Mayaya has joined Malawians in criticizing Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango for mocking northerners that they should stop dreaming of ruling the country at some point.

Speaking on Sunday in Luweredzi in Mzimba during the official opening of a bridge, Mhango said the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the 2014 election because its base is in the south which is more populated than any other region in the country.

“Let us face the truth here, the north cannot produce a president. We should just join the DPP which is assured of ruling the country,” he said.

Reacting to Mhango’s remarks, Mayaya said he is shocked with the remarks uttered by Mhango.

“The true stupidity of a bootlicker! Every Malawian has the right to stand for political office irrespective of ethnicity and gender. If this is the calibre of leaders we have in cabinet, no wonder we have so much mediocrity,” wrote Mayaya on his official facebook page.

Concurring with with Mayaya, Raymundo Chifundo Magangani said Mhango don’t deserve to be called a Minister.

“Jappy or gwape whatever you call yourself, you have just proven to the world that you have a brain of a cockroach…thanks for not thinking straight, I guess your are in that position because DPP chose those who do not think like human but insects,” he said.

Another concerned citizen identified as Humphrey Kaunga Nyirenda said: “Whether one likes it or not, a day is coming when someone from the mighty North will rule this country. God’s plan is not man’s. Population is nothing if God’s hand has endorsed. In Rwanda a person from the minority tribe is the one who is steering their whole country. Wake up Jappie.”

Cornelius Chisambi said: “Is not from the North. His father came from somewhere. And it just shows that his level of education is very low. It’s just unfortunate that the government hires such type of people for ministerial positions. Do you think such minds can help to develop our country. I know him. Panthawi ya campaign amayenda ndi sing’anga. He is completely nothing.”

Meanwhile debate continues on social media over the remarks uttered by Mhango with others asking the Minister to apologise.

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