Malawians across the country today joined religious leaders in matching against a proposed Termination of Pregnancy bill and legalisation of same sex marriages.

The match took place in all district in the country with the main event taking place in Lilongwe where a petition was presented to parliament.

The petition calls upon the legislators and all Malawians to protect the institution of marriage and such marriage should remain between a man and a woman.

Parliamentarian,Julliana Lunguzi received the petition of behalf of Parliament and assured the gathering that they will act according to the wishes of the people.

Episcopal Conference of Malawi and Evangelical Association of Malawi organised the protest. The Quadria Association of Malawi, Church for Central Africa Presbyterian and the Rastafarian community also patronised the match.

Meanwhile Minister of Information and Communication Technology Malisoni Ndau has rejected the rumours that government is planning to table in a parliament aiming at legalizing same sex marriages and abortion.

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