Confused man has written to marriage advisor after his girlfriend is still seeing her ex.

“My last relationship ended about 6 months ago before I met this girl or rather before she met me.

She’s someone I had gone to school with some years ago but we never really talked back then.

She found me on Facebook and we started talking and been talking for about 4 months now.

We’re working on getting very serious but I realise she was in a relationship before we met.

The issue I have is that she says she wants to break up with the guy because he’s not exactly what she wants, that she’s been with him because he came for her after she got out of a very bad relationship.

She keeps telling me I should give her time to sort things out with the guy but I keep wondering how long it will take.

I feel because of him she’s not giving me the kind of attention I need from her.

I told her specifically that by the end of this year, I need to know her stand because I would love to settle down next year.

Please what do you think I should do, I know in my heart that I love her because she’s the kind of woman I have always wanted.”

How could you help his out?

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