A Chinese woman who is popularly known as Xiaoli has broken the internet by allegedly pulling a fast on her myriad of admirers.

Someone who wrote under the alias ‘Proud Qiaoba’ on Chinese blogging platform, posted a story about a colleague who utilised the opportunity of having too many admirers.

This young woman managed to buy herself a house with the help of her twenty love interests.

                                             Proud Xiaoli

Xiaoli, was able to pull this off by convincing her 20 boyfriends to buy her an iPhone 7 each.

Though it sounds incredible and funny, Xiaoli was able to work her magic and got 20 iphones from all twenty men. After getting the phones together, she didn’t use any of them as we anticipated. Instead, she sold all 20 phones to a mobile phone recycling site called Hui Shou Bao and got 120,000 Chinese yuan (about £14,500).

And that was how Xiaoli paid a deposit for her dream house which can be really expensive, especially in China.

After the story went viral, there were speculations that it’s just a rumour

U would`nt blame them though, because the whole thing sounds like a Hollywood movie script. Something you cannot believe after hearing it for the first time . Some even suggested it could be an advertising campaign for the phone recycling company.

if you thought this was someone’s imagination playing tricks on them, then you are in for a shocker. According to BBC News, the story is not only true but verified.

BBC Trending approached the recycling  company and a spokesperson confirmed purchase of 20 iPhones from a female client at the beginning of October.

The spokesperson added that they paid 6,000 Chinese yuan (about £725) for each of them. However, Xiaoli declined an interview with the British news site.

Apparently, she isn’t enjoying all the attention from the public.


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