It has been a long and an awesome weekend especially to Malawian Afro singer Dan Lu as he even went to an extent of surprising his Facebook fans by unveiling his wife`s pregnancy through images he uploaded on his Facebook page.

The “Village Champion”  hit maker who is in the wait of being a father failed to hold his patience but to surprise his Facebook followers  by exposing off his wife`s pregnancy “Emmie Kamkhweche” whom he tied a note with last year.

In the image that was posted on his Facebook page on Friday, the singer is seen laying his hands on Emmie`s tummy , while Emmie herself responds with a smile that surely indicates the couple is happy and ready for the gift that is coming ahead of them.

Not long enough they will have a baby, that’s what matters now.

Dressed in a matching jean outfit, one could tell they both dances to the same song when it comes to the matters of the heart.

According to the comments on his post, thousands of his followers congratulates him as he awaits his child, while others admire him for the courage of posting such an image on a public platform, as he is the first entertainer in the country confident enough to proudly post an image exposing pregnancy.

To cut the long story short, we wish the best for our Entertainer Dan Lu as he awaits to be a father in a few months coming.

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