A man seeks advice from one of leading online marriage advisors after his wife developed maniac interest to sex toys than him

His sad story reads;

”  Hi,
I have a situation that I need your advise. I married my beautiful wife in 2006 and we have a lovely daughter together.

Our problem started after my daughter was born. My wife became sexually distant. In fact If we were to have sex, she would face down and ask me to penetrate from the rear (Not a.nal).

Then she would lie there non-responsive. After a while, we stopped having sex altogether. I love my wife very much and I fear God seriously. Since, 2009, we have not had sex and I have not cheated on her for a single day, not even to masturbate. I am very successful in my business and was brought up to believe that the Body is God’s temple. My wife on her own part seems to have found respite lately in using sex toys. she hides it from me since we don’t share the same room but I found them. Don’t get me wrong, I am 10.5 inches long. A few times, I have been tempted to have s.ex with other women but I found out I couldn’t.

What do i do?how do i handle this situation?I am just confused and need advice.”

What could you say to help him out?

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