Well-known comedian Michael Usi, popularly known as ‘Manganya’ who is also country Deputy Director of Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) has joined calls for the immediate resignation of Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Dr. George Chaponda and Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) Chief Executive Officer Foster Mulumbe over Zambia maize deal.

Usi said this in an interview with one of the privately owned radio-Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS).

In the interview, the comedian cum-politician said for investigations to run smoothly on the matter, Chaponda and Mulumbe must resign with immediate effect.

“People out there understand better the maizegate than cashgate because they survive on maize for food, they are asking themselves why they don’t have maize and that now they are able to understand this issue of maizegate.

“This issue is a serious one and it will not die a natural death, I would like to see those people that are being investigated resign or being forced to leave offices,” said Usi.

Meanwhile Mulumbe has been sent on forced leave to pave way for investigations in the procurement of maize from Zambia.

ADMARC board chairperson James Masumbu confirmed of the development in an interview with the press, saying the decision was arrived at during a board meeting held on Friday last week.

Masumbu said Deputy Chief Executive of ADMARC, Mrs Magret Mauwa will now be acting as ADMARC CEO.

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