A woman who tried to seduce her brother-in-law into sleeping with her through the means of a love potion has found herself to be blamed when she allegedly ran mad in the process.

The strange story, according to a Facebook user, Oghenekaro, happened in certain part of Nigeria, came to the fore when the woman was seen in broad daylight stripping herself naked and was about running into the streets when family members apprehended her and took her to a native doctor who revealed the secret behind her insanity.

It was gathered that the 37-year-old housewife who is a mother of two, had sought the help of a native doctor outside the community to ensure she seduced her younger sister’s husband into her bed but the charm backfired and instead, turned against her.

Narrating how the incident went, the witness said the woman had allegedly been given a prepared charm in powder form by the native doctor with the instructions to put the substance into her in-law’s meal.

“But this was not to be last Saturday when the unsuspecting in-law visited her to inform her that he would be traveling abroad with the sister.

The man who is a successful businessman had been showering money on the woman and most time, she had told her sister she regretted not being married to her husband and that if she had her way, she would snatch the man from the sister.

This is a woman who was once sent away by her husband for having affairs with another man in the community and only came back after their family members mediated.

So when the sister’s husband visited, the woman prepared the meal and added the love potion to his food and when she served the man, he insisted she must eat the food with him against the instruction given by the native doctor that only the man must eat the meal.

After eating the food, the woman started behaving abnormally and began taking off her clothes which led to the man raising an alarm and people trooped to the compound to see what was going on.”

It was learnt that when the woman was taken to a native doctor in the community, she allegedly confessed that she actually wanted to charm her brother-in-law to fall in love with her.



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