If there’s one camper van that’s guaranteed to impress everyone else in the campsite this summer – it’s the Elysium.

The RV, which is 45ft long and eight-foot wide, is a home on wheels that is probably more impressive than your house… and more expensive at $2.5million (£2million).

The motor home is a gadget-lover’s paradise that also comes with its own rooftop hot tub and a two-seater helicopter.

For entertainment purposes during bad weather, there are three large screen 75in TVs that can withstand both strong vibration and bad weather, multiple infotainment systems and a fireplace.

In the bathroom, there is a smart shower and an even smarter loo that works out what type of toilet break you are planning on having (a number one or number two) and opens one of two loo seats accordingly.

In sunnier climes, the roof top is perfect for entertaining with a wooden decked lounging area, a large hot tub with a marine grade audio system, and a helicopter landing area.

Of course, no helipad is complete without its own helicopter, so this RV comes with a two-person Robinson R22 helicopter – perfect for taking a tour of the local area, or even avoiding pesky traffic jams.

Unfortunately, this motorhome isn’t actually for sale – it’s the brainchild of Furrion, an American global technology conglomerate that develops technological products for the luxury market.

They dreamt up the van to showcase their top new products to customers though, and is not for sale.

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