By Orchestra Kamanga

The leading producers of blankest in the country Nu line textiles have pushed the blame to ESCOM for its loss in 2016 due to continuously blackout.

The company’s Managing Director, Imtiaz Aboo said they failed to produce the needed capacity last year due to power off, drought plus economic hardships among others.

“As a company we have target of producing more than 100,000 blackest per month but last year we faces hitches to do that capacity,” he said, adding that ESCOM should have long term and not short term solutions as population was growing.

Aboo said the company was providing employment to more than 200 Malawians as was 100 percent employees are Malawians and produces different types of quality blankets to suit all classes of people at affordable prices.

Started in 2005 the company distribute blankets to Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, UNICEF, UNHCR, Disaster Management, Hotels, NGOs, Hospitals, Prisons just to mention but a few.

The Nu-Textiles Director said the company makes 25 types of blankets ranging from baby blankets to king size all design which include stripes, plan, flowers among others.

The company has its head office at Maone Park and the main distributors are A.G Aboo and company opposite Limbe Mosque and at Bwalo la Njobvu in Lilongwe.

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