Suspended Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Dr. George Chaponda has described the Parliamentary inquiry on Zambia maize-gate as waste of time and money.

Chaponda uttered this today when he was appearing before the joint Parliamentary inquiry led by Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga and Rumphi East Member of Parliament Kamlepo Kalua.

In his final remarks, Chaponda questioned the committee why some members such as Karonga Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo and others were dropped at the 11th hour in the trip to Zambia.

“To be honest with you the committee has been a waste of time and money. How can Malawians trust the committee its dealings when other members were sidelined in the trip to Zambia?,” queried Chaponda while angry.

The development did not please the committee with others questioning the logic conclusion of Chaponda.

Co-chairperson Chidanti Malunga justifies the work of the committee and visit to Zambia saying they travelled with donor support which could only accommodate a certain number of members.

Mulanga said the committee is not amused with Chaponda’s statement.

Meanwhile Chaponda has apologized to the committee, saying he uttered the remarks out of anger.

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