Lady Dumped After Her Boyfriend Saw Her Without Makeup

A teen in UK named Sophia Ridlington who suffers from “psoriasis” a skin disease that appears as red patches on various parts of the body, has learned a hard life lesson as of recent.

The fact that she hates the look other people give her, has taught her to apply makeup in order to feel more comfortable when she is at public sight.

She has become a professional in makeups to the extent that one would not have a hint as to what’s hidden underneath her skin.

One day, Ridlington made a stupid move by showing her boyfriend how her face looks like without makeup.

She said,”My ex- boyfriend didn’t stick by me and it broke my heart at the; he didn’t appreciate me for who I was.”

That broke her heart but now she is fine. She used to leave the house only when she had long sleeves and pants on, now she feels freer than before.

“I hope to encourage people in a similar position to be comfortable with their psoriasis.”

“I have already received so much support on social media and people in a similar position always ask me how I cope through it.”

This young lady is just beautiful with or no makeup.

She must be lucky she has learnt how capricious her ex-boyfriend is.


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