The devil is planning to conquer the world and put it under his control, through his messengers have decided to pass through various channels, through Musicians, politicians, beautiful women and noble men and now at the worst, they have entered the church, they have started giving fame, money and powers to spread Satanism in churches.

But since Jesus  Christ gave us power to defeat the devil, we shall not let Satan conquer this world.

In the teachings against Satanism, here are 6 Characteristics of Illuminati pastors and their Churches that you should avoid.

1. They are symbolic! They always use things which they claim have power to heal and do miracles. Most of them have “water” which they claim its holy water they use it to spray it to worshippers. That water is from the Illuminati community and most of the time affected with spirits that keep pulling you towards the satanic kingdom once such water is sprayed onto you. Others use sticks others use other things that you have never seen. Be cautious of the weapons and instruments pastors use when praying. A prayer should be from faith not any other object made by man.

2. They have undefined great powers. Illuminati gives its agents power to do a lot of miracles, you should be clever about these miracles, some miracles are inhuman, someone praying for a person and someone first turns into a snake then to a lion hmm my dear be wise, those stages of change sometimes reflect the “inner powers” in them. You may end a victim.

3. Blasphemy. They always blasphemy in their teachings, claim to be at a level of Jesus, sometimes call themselves ambassadors of God when we are all human, tell people to pass what they want to pray to God through them, claiming that God can listen to them directly, REMEMBER Jesus said that “I am the way the way, truth and the life” John 14:6 “No one gets to the Father except through me” forward your prayers to God through His son Jesus Christ not through any other human. A Fellow human should join you in a prayer as you both pray to God.

4. Money minded. Illuminati pastors are money minded, all they want is to see a material prosperity. They use all sorts of ways to collect money from followers. Some even request money from followers before they pray for them. Others tell followers that to be a saved person, you should be giving in money over “to God”. Do you remember in the Bible a man who wanted to give Simon Peter money so that he also give have the gift “power” which Saint Peter had? Peter answered him “May you perish with your money because you thought the gift of God can be purchased with money” (Acts 8:20). Think twice before you fall a prey of fake pastors some of them are on mission to get rich and use you falsely on orders of Illuminati.

5. Types of clothes they wear, having various icons which are not understandable, with various symbols you can’t even identify, when it’s the pastor’s costume day and night all the time, they wear such things get away from them.

6. Untimely disappearances. It has been a common character about pastors who belong to the illuminati community to disappear without a clear location where they are, their flock spend time not knowing where their pastor is. The truth is the pastor has gone back to the satanic kingdom for refreshments. Its true pastors can have private journeys, but when it becomes too often, pause a question mark.

Watch out, don’t fall a prey of Satan

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