The Prophet of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church, ECG, in South Africa, Shepherd Bushiri aka Major 1 has landed himself in another controversial miracle where he burnt charms in Church before thousands of his followers.

According to Video which made available to FaceofMalawi, the prophet urged charms which were reveled in one of his members to be brought forward, then he shouted in big voice, asked fire from heaven to burn these magical medicines.

But the critic in a video proved that Bushiri has used the reactions of chemicals such as  Potassium permanganate, glycerine, water  Manganese dioxide for this claimed miracle:

The Prophets wanted himself to be similar to Biblical figures such as Elijah (1 Kings 18), (2 Kings 1:10) and Gideon in judges  who asked fire from heaven to burn their Enemies.

However, the authenticity of video has known through the voice of Bushiri and it was alive on his channel Television.

This is not the first time for the Prophet exposed in fake miracles, September 2015 he lied to capture a photo in spirit while tapping on gallery to view image,  ipad prophecy.

While in 2016 prophet landed himself in two controversial miracles, of that ‘ walking in air and paid women to fake miracles in church.

Margaret Hlatshwayo

The 38-year-old woman, Margaret Hlatshwayo narrated to Daily Sun, one of South Africa’s daily papers, claiming that the self-acclaimed man of God pays an equivalent of about K30 thousand a week to a team of actors to stage being healed.



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