The demonstrations which has been set by concerned citizens of Mamelodi is to take place today whereby South Africans are to express their concerns on foreigners who they claim are taking over their jobs and generating drug peddling as well as prostitution in the country.

Just last week, total of 34 shops belonging to foreigners more especially the Nigerians were destroyed on grounds of operating illegal businesses.

Nigerian citizens in SA are said to be the centre of drug deals as well as running brothels which South Africans say they can not tolerate.

The government of South Africa has however urged those protesting to express themselves responsibly.

It has condemned the attacks against foreigners saying they are better described as criminal activities than xenophobic attacks.

In response to the issue, the South African government has promised to probe companies in a bid to identify undocumented foreigners as a way of reducing illegal foreigners from flocking into the country.

South Africa has the highest number of immigrants in the continent of Africa. Malawians are amongst those that flee to SA in search for a better life.

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