If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a penile implant, it is what some men can use if they suffer from erectile dysfunction.

There are two kind of implants namely the non inflatable device and the inflatable device.

The non inflatable option consists of malleable plastic rods inserted into the erection chambers of the pen*s. The rods are able to be manually bent in to position when needed.

The inflatable device uses inflatable plastic cylinders instead of rods and these cylinders fill with water when the man uses the pump located in the scrotum.

But what does it actually feel like to have sex with a man who had a penile implant?

Anka Radakovich, a woman who knows, described exactly what an artificial  pen*s feels like. She explained how she met a fit 39 year old man who suffered impotence due to diabetes.

“He was so cute and funny, I didn’t really care. Besides, the man hard pen*s that could go for hours? I was in,” she revealed.

When they were ready for action, Anka said he did about 20 squeeze pumps and she watched his pen*s inflate.

So what did it feel like? According to Anka it felt like a normal erect pen*s in her hand and she didn’t feel the pump when she had it in her mouth.

Anka said by the time the actual s*x happened, she had forgotten about the implant completely.

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