Ugandan Police officers
Ugandan Police officers

A police officer in Uganda has killed his wife and himself after he tested positive for the HIV virus.

A demented police officer attached to VIP Protection Unit of the Uganda Police Force, Godfrey Sabiti, has committed suicide after shooting his wife dead following the discovery that he tested positive for HIV Virus.

A Facebook user from that country, Basudde Sam, posted the sad story on his page and narrated how Sabiti, a resident of Nsambya Barracks, killed his wife before turning the same gun at himself after he allegedly tested positive for the virus.

Confirming the incident, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy spokesman, Paul Kangave, said in a statement:

“We have recovered the test results of HIV for the wife, Akol and the children except for the man. These reads negative.

We suspect that the man must have found himself positive and took a wrong decision. He planned it since he took all the family members for HIV test on January 24, 2017.”

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