A 24-year-old female television worker, Emma Hulse, has claimed she was sacked from her job because she was ‘too good looking’.

Woman sacked for being too good looking
She said she was only five minutes into a shift as a runner when she was told she was ‘no longer required’ by firm UNIT TV

MirrorUK reports that Miss Hulse who was hired as a freelance runner, claims production firm UNIT TV, located in Soho, told her to go home during a shift because ‘she should be on a catwalk’. She was however sent a message by her agent barely five minutes after starting work telling her she was ‘no longer required’.

Miss Hulse said: ‘

I was quite disappointed to be sent home. I didn’t really know what to do. Maybe that company employs plain looking people and maybe if you don’t look that way they don’t take you, maybe I was a distraction.’

Woman sacked for being too good looking
Emma Hulse, 24, left and right, claims she was sacked from her job as a runner for a TV production firm for being ‘too good looking’

She went on to say that she did not wear anything provocative as many might be thinking. She said she was wearing a shirt and trousers and ‘did not look inappropriate’ and had never been sent home before ‘because of her looks’.

But the company owner, Adam Luckwell, told the Mirror Miss Hulse was dismissed following a three month probation period.He said there were a number of things they found out in which they were not happy with.

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