Kenyan Police in Eldoret on Wednesday evening stormed a house at Kapsoya estate, where they arrested 24 secondary school students having a s*x party.

According to Nairobi News, the students aged between 16 and 18 from different schools, were on half term break and had met in the house for the party.

They were arrested after residents of the estate called the police due to the loud music emanating from the house.

A police report revealed that empty bottles of alcohol, used condoms and a mattress was found in the house. While six other students escaped through the fence of the compound

The 24 students are presently detained at the Kapsoya Police Post.

This came less than two years after more than 550 students, most of them minors, were arrested in a disco in the same town where they are suspected to have used drugs and possibly had s*x in 2015.

Then, shocked parents said their children lied that they were going for choir practice, shopping or other errands

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