The government of Malawi has been asked to set a commission of inquiry with the aim of investigating where people sale body parts of albinos.

Speaking in the capital city during the press briefing on the recent albino attacks, Overtones Kondowe who is the president of Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) said a commission of inquiry has to be set in order to get to the bottom of mystery where these body parts are sold.

Kondowe said, “We are in fears with the recent attacks on albinos as we thought these acts were over.”

He pointed out that limited knowledge on albinism at all levels and weak criminal justice has contributed to the rise in number of abducting and killing people with albinism.

“Lack of prosecution attacks` cases and poor quality of investigating ways are leaving people with albinism at risk every day.” Said  Kondowe.

Adding on that, Kondowe also said the government`s inability to provide funds for targeted services in education, health and social protection to albinos is the major gap which is there for protection of people with albinism.

The president said the government also needs to deal with the people’s perception on albinos due to poverty, beliefs and ignorance as well as to implement various recommendations by United Nation expert on how to end these evil attacks and therefore empower people with albinism.

“Government must act fast in implementing recommendations by UN which is to empower persons with albinism by putting them in higher positions to put an end to discrimination against them.” He explained.

Citizen Alliance Vice Chairperson, Leon Matanda commented that Malawians need to work as one to make sure these people are protected in society.

“This is not just for APAM but all of us in the country to make sure those persons with albinism have the safe security and this requires us to be actively involved in protecting them,” he said.

There have been 111 cases from 2014 on abduction and killing of persons with albinism and 19 of them are murder cases.


























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