An unfortunate 13-year-old boy has been left unable to lie down after his pen*s enlargement surgery went wrong.

The teenager from Changji City, China has been left in chronic pain and says he cannot sleep or even lie down as ‘it is too painful,’ after the botched plastic surgery.

Believing his pen*s was ‘too small,’ the 13-year-old approached cosmetic surgeons in the hopes they could help increase the size of his genitals.

He said, ” I reached out to the doctors online and found this hospital.

They told me to come in for a 92 yuan (£11) sexual performance test and also diagnosed me with premature ejaculation”.

After a year of trying to enlarge his pen*s himself with various drugs, he decided to take drastic action and go under the knife.

He told the Changji Nine Continents Male Hospital, he was 18 and went in for enlargement surgery which left him with a ”3 to 4-centimetres (1.18 to 1.57 inch)’ scar on his pen*s which caused it to  ‘turn black.’

The surgeons who did not ask for proof of age before the operation now claim they can reverse the effect of the initial procedure understandably the teen is very wary!

He explained,  “(The doctors) said my erection would only last one minute if I didn’t get treatment”.

Frightened by the doctors’ revelation, the boy told his parents, which meant they had to cough up 15,000 yuan – around £1746 – to rectify the messed up surgery.

When the parents turned up with the boy, the hospital realised they’d operated on a minor and are now being investigated for negligence.

Poor guy – hopefully he’ll get the operation he needs and the functionality of his penis will be restored.






















































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