A man aged 33 identified as Chimwemwe Chilembwe has died after an attack by a marauding crocodile in Mangochi.

The incident occurred on April 11, 2017 at Lizimba dock along Lake Malawi in Mangochi according to Amina Tepani Daudi, Deputy Publicist for Mangochi Police.

Daudi told that on the fateful day, Chilembwe with other two fishermen had gone out fishing along Lizimba dock.

“As they were walking along the shore in the reeds, the crocodile swiftly came out from the water and pulled Chilembwe down after which it dragged him deeper into the water,” explained the Police spokesperson.

She added; “Upon seeing what had happened to their friend, the other two fishermen rushed to the village where they informed the village headman who mobilized community members and rushed to the place.

“After searching around the area, Chilembwe was found already dead with some parts of his body from the pelvic downwards already eaten.”

Postmortem conducted at Monkey-Bay Hospital revealed that, death was due to severe head and pelvic injuries.

Meanwhile, police in the district have advised people around lake-shore areas against visiting crocodile infested places to avoid such incidences.

The victim hailed from Nona village, Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi district.

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