Unknown people promising to assist needy students’ access higher education have tricked Senior Chief Kachindamoto and ripped off needy students from her area.

The people who claimed to be USAID workers called Kachindamoto and asked her to provide them with names of students to be put on the assistance list by registering through Airtel Money promising that the beneficiaries would receive a pin number for their registration.

“As you know I am the champion of the by-laws which helped my area to send back many young girls and boys back to school and these people called me to mobilise those students so that they assist them with scholarship to start university education in various colleges in the country which to me was a good development,” she said.

Kachindamoto said about 200 students registered through Airtel Money and K800, 000 was deposited through the process.

She explained that after reaching the agreed date to meet, they started making excuses and said that the bus which was intended to ferry the beneficiaries was taken by a nursing school in Lilongwe.

Kachindamoto noted that after sometime their cell phones went out of reach and she reported the matter to police.

Dedza police Public Relations Officer, Edward Kabango said they were aware of the development, but said no arrests have been made.

Cases of cheating young people by soliciting money in order to offer employment or school opportunities are on the rise in the district.

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