Midori, Win and other plastic bottled beer are still selling on the market despite the ban by Malawi Bureau of Standards that plastic bottled liquor should be put out of the market.

Even though the packaging of the beer in plastic bottles is prohibited, Face of Malawi has found out that there are some areas in Lilongwe like 36, 23, Mtandire where this beer is still on the market.

Midori still selling

In the commercial city of Blantyre, Midori, win, shooter and the like, is still on the market especially in Mbayani, Manje, Bangwe and several other areas in the city.

On January 4, the court complied with the Malawi Bureau of Standards that selling and packaging of this beer into plastic bottles and sachets is not legal.

In 2010, companies involved in packaging and selling of the said beer took a court injunction against the ban of selling and manufacturing of these spirits beers.

However, the Malawi Bureau of Standards has since promised that there will be no any beer manufacturing company that will stand on its way on the ban of these beers this time around.

“MBS therefore wishes to inform the general public and manufacturers of spirituous liquor that it will implement the ban. Following the ruling the general public and all manufacturers are hereby advised to comply with the MBS Act Cap 51:02 as stipulated in MS 210 (1990),” reads the MBS statement.

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