A frustrated Nigerian husband successfully dissolved a five-year old marriage between him and his wife, Seun, on grounds of stubbornness and late night outing.

The man, Olasunkanmi Oyebola, 48, who sought dissolution of the marriage, also accused the wife of persistently charging her cell phone at  neighbours house.

The Court’s President dissolved the marriage based on irreconcilable differences.

“I hereby dissolve this marriage as reconciliation proved abortive, the petitioner should pay N50,000 compensation to the wife.

“The custody of the children is hereby granted to their mother, Mrs Seun Oyebola, 40, an auxiliary nurse, pending the outcome of the family court decision,” she said.

The court also ordered the petitioner to provide for the upkeep of the children, including their education.

According to reports, the petitioner had on February 18, 2016, approached the court for dissolution of the marriage over his wife’s stubbornness, especially her attitude of charging her phone at neighbour`s house.

“My wife is very stubborn, arrogant, disrespectful and likes late night outing.

“She usually goes to neighbour`s to charge her phone and will not come home early enough to attend to her family.

“I have warned her severally, I have endured her a lot, but she refused to heed to my warning, I’m totally fed up, please separate us,” he pleaded.

The respondent did not deny the allegations.

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