First Grade Magistrate Court in Nkhata Bay has sentenced a 25 year old Bright Banda to nine years imprisonment with hard labour for breaking into NBS Bank branch in the district.

The court heard that on the night of April 15 this year, Banda together with his three accomplices broke and entered into NBS Bank Nkhata Bay branch building, after they tied up G4S security guards who were on duty with ropes and stole one Video Digital Recorder (VDR) and CCTV processor.

The thugs also damaged Uninterrupted Power System (UPS), and tampered with the ATM back door, Chubb door (the storage door), and three desktop computers.

In mitigation Banda complained to the court that he was severely beaten up, and he feared he might not survive in prison.

“Your worship, I was severely beaten up by the Police when I was caught, and I am begging for a lenient punishment because I will not do it again. It is my last time.” He pleaded.

However, First Grade Magistrate Maston Phiri quashed the mitigation, saying a stiffer punishment would serve as a lesson to others with similar criminal intentions.

“These young men are the ones who are supposed to be responsible and develop our communities and not getting involved in such criminal activities. This is to be a lesson to every person thinking of doing any activity to go against the law.” he said.

He then sentenced Banda to nine years jail term with hard labour.

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