What started out as an ­unusual swelling on her left leg brought a life of suffering to Fikile Ntule whom was diagnosed with elephantiasis.

Her huge leg just kept growing, leaving her trapped indoors for the past seven years!

she has been trapped indoors for 7 years because of her left leg

Fikile (49), a mum of two from Ophansi Village at KwaJobe in northern KZN (S.A), said her mobility was being hindered by the huge growth on her left leg above her knee. The last time she checked the growth, it weighed 25kg!

She told Daily Sun she desperately needs help to get the growth removed but that financial obstacles were standing in her way.

“The doctors at Bethesda Hospital told me that I needed to drop my weight to at least 70kg so they could operate.

“I currently weigh 154kg and reducing my weight to 70kg is an uphill battle,” she said.

Fikile said she couldn’t afford to hire professionals to help her exercise and follow a healthy diet.

“The growth is so heavy that I need help to stand up. I have no money to buy healthy food. I’m hoping the health department could send me to a hospital where professionals could help me get ready for the operation.”

Spokesman for the KZN Department of Health, Sam Mkhwanazi, said records showed that health care workers had visited Fikile at home on several occasions and that her condition showed notable improvement.

“The patient is being reviewed by a medical team on a continuous basis. Where surgery is considered too risky, medical professionals may opt not to proceed in the interests of preserving a life,” he said.

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