Gospel musician Duncan Zgambo, popularly known as Gwamba did not want to be singled out in voicing against a decision made by  Blantyre City Council (BCC) to ban shoe polishing vendors along the streets of Blantyre City.

Gwamba, faulted BCC for not taking into consideration that there is high unemployment rate in Malawi which he describes it as ill-treatment  to poor people who are doing  such business just to feed their families. 

“My only worry is, in a country where people are really trying hard to survive, why would the City Council ban Shoe Shining Business? People are trying to survive out here. Kenakano anthu ayamba kubatu…,” reads part of his post.

Gwamba also blamed the Council on spending millions on a Clock Tower  that would not even benefit the poor people in the country, neither to end the unemployment rate.

The gospel artist further pleaded with BCC to give the shoe shinning vendors another alternation that will suit their standards.

“If you are going to stop people from making some money to solve their problems, give them a solution,” he concluded.

The development came after BCC Spokesperson, Anthony Kasunda confirmed the ban  in an interview with the press on Monday  which will effective from August 3, 2017.

Kasunda explained if shoe shiners are to continue with their businesses, they need to obtain business premises licenses following the normal channels unlike the current scenario where the trade is being conducted in undesignated places.

“One has to obtain an application form and pay necessary fees after indicating business premises and the council has to approve the application,” said Kasunda.


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