Steve Spesho, son of the late gospel icon Grace Chinga,  is very optimistic about his   second album which is set to be released in October this year.

Speaking in an interview with FaceofMalawi, Spesho said the second album is done but disclosed that he is having problems of organising the launch.

” I don’t have enough finances to have the launch,  and this time I have done good songs. A good launch can do a lot good to me,” he said.

After being asked, was first album not successful enough to set foundation for financing this coming launch, he said the first was not for sale.

Spesho also explained how the second album will be successful as he has collaborated with other  gospel artists likes of  Favored Martha, Ethel Kamwendo, Princess Chitsulo and others.

And speaking about his music career as gospel singer, he said the future is brighter.

“With the response I am getting from my fans I think I have my own lane in the industry and if the support continues I may be counted as one of the gospel icons soon,” said Spesho in an interview.

The album titled Genesis is of 18 tracks but its launch date seems disputable.

“It probably will be out September or October.” Spesho concluded.

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