Rumours said the United Democratic Front (UDF) Member of Parliament, Lucius Banda ironically joined Malawi congress Party (MCP) after performing  at Sidik  Mia’s welcoming rally  into party, now that he is going to perform for another political party, Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), the speculation holds no water any more.

According to the post on Banda’s Facebook page on July 26, 2017, trickily thanked MCP for considering his band  to  Mia’s event before hitting on that he is going to perform for AFORD.

“We Thank MCP for engaging our Band without considering that I am a UDF die hard,” reads the part of the post.

However some comments on the post depict that Banda is up to something which he dramatically chose to hide.

“U don,t have 2 hide ur decision Soldier, no one is forcing u 2 share ur decisions, just do as u wish not wasting ur tym fooling pple, we all know the way u were hating MCP, y 2day? Just say the truth if u want 2 say something,” one commented.

The Musician seems ok with his participation in different parties, as according to him that demonstrates the spirit of democracy.

“This is the kind of coexistence that is supposed to happen in multiparty democracy.

“We are happy that on 25th August we will be performing for AFORD in Mzuzu,” Banda discloses in the post.

Banda  has also asked other parties to hire his Band whenever they are to have a rally.


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