Whether the United Democratic Front (UDF) Member of Parliament, Lucius Banda  has been invited or his idea to perform at Malawi Congress  Party(MCP) rally  in Chikwawa on Saturday for welcoming Sidik  Mia into party, it is deadly collaboration to destroy Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) venom in the Southern Region.

According to reports, Mia has asked Banda to join his campaign team thus this seems as clear answer by performing at MCP rally in Ngabu today, he  might have joined the  main  opposition  party.

However, it very difficult to come clear, and tell the public of his decision as he may lose his seat in Parliament.

Banda is not in good terms with the  leadership of his UDF  party, as he always accuses their president  Atupele Muluzi of betraying the party’s confidence.

And in his yet to be released album, he has also done a song which attacks UDF for working with DPP which he describes as “agents of Satan who have destroyed Malawi.”

Banda will definitely work with Mia  in order to  fully eradicate DPP in South come 2019, as MCP struggled heavily last election to win good number of supports in this region.


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