The controversial medical procedure, male circumcision which is believed to reduce risk of being infected with HIV has gone sour in Malawi , it is no longer voluntary as some health practitioners reportedly to lure young boys and men with k2500.

Despite male circumcision is meant to be done on voluntary basis, it was not the case in Pensulo village in Blantyre two week ago,  where young boys were reported to undergo the procedure after being convinced by what health officers promised to give them.

” Anali m’galito imazungulira kunoko, ifeyo timasewera nde anatinyengelera kuti atipetsa k2500, tikakwera kuti akatidulidwe ku Joshua,” said one of the boys in vernacular language.

Pensulo health centre widely known as Joshua for its donor’ name is where this exercise was taken place.

A woman  in the community said her young brother came to her for permission after being convinced with the amount.

” If it has such benefits they are claiming why they are giving such money, who is benefiting from the procedure then? I told my brother  dont go there,” she disclosed in an interview with faceofmalawi.

It seems the exercise is not convincing at its own as they are trying to paint it with new colours, giving the beneficiaries free-ride back home, now are receiving k2500.

It is not clear if this medical procedure really helps to reduce chances of being infected with HIV as circumcised males are also reported to enhance the dryness during sex which is arguable to promote the spread of the pandemic.




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  1. Everyone has a right to intact genitalia. Here, children are dependent on our protection. We as the adults in this world must enforce that a child under the age of 18 years, girl or boy, is protected from any form of genital cutting.

    Rites may include singing, dancing, or religious devotions, but no operations on the body of a child (child is human under 18 years).

    Information and education remain an important weapon against HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is lifestyle-related. Behaviour change is important – not circumcision. Behaviour change means: fidelity after marriage, and the use of condoms.

    We should not cut or circumcize (i. e. mutilate) genitals, neither of male nor of female human beings. Male circumcision is male genital mutilation. Concerning the sensitivity (corpuscles respectively free nerve ends of the types: Merkel, Ruffini, Vater-Pacini, Meissner), the male foreskin has its equivalent not in the female (clitoral) foreskin, but in the clitoris itself.

    Female and male genital mutilation is harmful and the practice should be abandoned. CONDOMS protect against HIV, circumcision does NOT.

    Be a hero, don’t circumcise your son.


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