A Russian young couple, Ilya zhirnov and his girlfriend Kira Cherkasova who went missing 25-years ago have been found dead in a river.

After they went missing in December 2005, their remains were found inside a car at the bottom of Volga river in the city of Cheboksary in central Russia`s Chuvash Republic.

they got stuck in this car at the bottom of the river

Police identified the couple by the car`s documents which they were found in.

They were last seen in December 2005 when Mr Zhirnov borrowed a car from his father to pick up Miss Cherkasova from work.

they were retrieved from deep waters

Police investigated the missing couple, but were eventually forced to close the case as a result of lack of evidence, and the families have been left in the dark as to the young lovers’ fate until today.

The missing couple was found by a swimmer whose name has been hidden.

After discovering the two lovers, the man alarmed police about the news the following day.

Police believe their death was due to an accident that later led their car to dive into the waters.

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