South Africa citizens are living in fear due to the recent development of man made earthquakes which according to reports they are occurring in most areas with dams and mines.

Eldrige Kgaswane of the council of Geosciences told Daily Sun,

“We have two kinds of tremors, natural and man-made. In South African history, mines have been recorded as the common cause of earthquakes and we can expect to see more in the future,”

The recent development involves a tremor which has destroyed a pedestrian bridge in Germiston in early hours of Wednesday.

Various parts of Joburg also experienced the tremor and a number of residents took to social media to talk about the shaking they felt just before midnight on Tuesday.

It has also been established that tremors were felt in east Joburg just this Thursday.

In April, walls cracked and windows broke in Klerksdorp, North West, after an earthquake was reported.

A gold mine was believed to have caused it.

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