A woman has put her younger boyfriend’s loyalty to test after sending her own daughter to try and seduce the man.

A video has shown the shocking moment where a cheater was caught out after flirting with his girlfriend’s daughter on camera.
The woman only identified as Bibi wanted to test her younger boyfriend, so she enlisted the help of her daughter Renee and set up a trap to catch her man out.
Her 26-year-old fella and her daughter are roughly the same age, so the eccentric mum decided that she’d be perfect for the covert operation.
The two had apparently met before, but the lad had never been introduced as Bibi’s boyfriend, so he assumed that Renee thought he was just friends with her mum.
The video, from YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater, claims to show what happened when Bibi’s daughter tempted her fella.
Bibi’s boyfriend greets Renee with a hug when he sees her, and the two quickly get talking.
Flirty Renee asks him what he’s doing later on, and when he responds that he’s planning on playing video games, she says: “I think you’d have a little more fun with me.”
She asks: “Have you ever played the game Twister? In person, body to body, live action.”
When the geeky fella jokes that he’s not flexible enough, she tells him that she can teach him something to limber him up.
As the pair get all touchy feely, the boyfriend says: “I’m down. Do you have my number?”
Watching the covert footage back, Bibi looks unimpressed as her fella takes down her daughter’s digits.
And she’s even less chuffed when he promises not to tell her about the meeting with Renee, who he jokingly calls his “sugar baby.”
Bibi can be seen raging at the footage as her boyfriend lets her daughter feel his muscles.
The sleazy cheat then says:“If the girl’s forward then I’m going to take it,”
before drawing Renee in for a sexually-charged cuddle.Visibly furious, scorned girlfriend Bibi says:“I wanna kick his little white ass.”
Later in the clip, she calls her daughter to debrief, telling her:“You went a little bit overboard.”
The call descends into a fully-blown, and perhaps overblown, argument between Bibi and Renee, who claims Bibi is just mad because her fella isn’t that into her.
Next up, she calls her boyfriend to confront him over what happened – and ends up calling him out during the explicit conversation.
Watch the video below:

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