A 62-year-old Zimbabwean man is being attacked by goblins he used to increase yields and bed several women in the village – including his daughters.

Sekuru Goodness Chimetu told Zimbabwe`s Star FM radio on Tuesday that he slept with his five daughters among several women in his village using goblins left in his custody by his late parents.

He brought some of the living creatures in his bag to Star FM where he disclosed how they were tormenting him and causing the sickness of his daughter in-law.

These included a tortoise, frogs and two human-like creatures.

One of his daughters and daughter in-law also testified on radio how Chimetu’s goblins were tormenting them.

Sekuru Chimetu confirmed keeping the goblins saying the panties removed from women give him power to open their homes during the night to sleep with them.

“My late parents left goblins that include this living tortoise, a frog, and two human-like creatures and each creature has a different assignment,” said Sekuru Chimetu.

“The items were left in my custody by my father and mother to protect family from being attacked, increasing yields and making sure I have a woman to satisfy me.

“I can open any one’s door during the night covering my face with the panties so as to gain access to sleep with women.

“In times of hunger, I kneel down and tell the goblins my problem and they visit other people’s fields and collect food for us.

“Some have powers to collect women’s panties and anyone with the panties collected I will have power to sleep with her during the night and her husband will be in deep sleep.

“The goblins allow me to sleep with my daughters and I bedded all my daughters and I have panties of several women including my daughters’ as well.

“My victims will come to know that I have bedded them after and I feed these goblins with either mealie-meal, water and other things.

“One of the goblins is so angry with me after they were exposed following the sickness of my daughter in-law, I bedded her also.

“I had a misunderstanding with my daughter in-law after she encroached into my field and I became angry forcing the goblins to attack her and this is how the goblins started attacking me.

“I left the ones that are too angry and as we speak, my ears are being affected and I am under attack for disclosing secrets of these items,” said Sekuru Chimetu.

He said he now has 35 frogs and their assignments is to alert me of my victims’ deaths. When one frog dies, it means it has caused death to my enemies.

Sekuru Chimetu said he was bedding his to secure their lives and two of the daughters are married and he occasionally visit them to sleep with them as a way of protecting their marriage using charms.

After the interview on radio, Sekuru Chimetu pleaded with his goblins and returned them in his wooden pot and bag including 14 undergarments.

Star FM staff pleaded with Sekuru Chimetu not to take the two human-like creatures off his bag after he claimed that they could be angry and attack them.

It was after the interview that Sekuru Chimetu regretted taking the goblins to the studio as he sweated claiming that he was being attacked by them and the driver who brought him refused to take him back after learning that he had such dangerous items in his bag.






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