A Tanzanian based preacher has sensationally claimed that she knows who will be Kenya’s next president after October 17 election.
In her Sunday September 3 sermon in PMIC Church in Moshi, Esther Bukuku told her congregants that President Uhuru Kenyatta would beat Raila Odinga in the fresh poll.
There will be no violence after the election, she added.
Kenyans will be going to the ballot on Tuesday, October 17 to elect their president between Kenyatta and Odinga.
Repeat presidential election was called after Supreme Court annulled Kenyatta’s victory explaining that the whole process was bungled by IEBC.
According to Bukuku, the preacher says Kenyatta is the anointed leader to be Kenya’s President.
However, she asserts that God is not angry with Raila saying that he had proven this by giving Raila riches.

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