A Ugandan prophet Elvis Mbonye, who sat on a luxurious couch and watched with glee as congregants flocked to kiss his expensive designer shoes, has caused a stir on social media after photos surfaced.

He has been slammed for making elevating himself to a demigod, as some critics said his actions are not in accordance with the scriptures.

The self-proclaimed Prophet worth 650 million Ugandan shillings reportedly sits in chairs of gold, who replied his critics said;

“I have seen God and I will be answerable to Him. I do not get into people’s faces; they come to me…I’m not a pastor that I should frequently be with the sheep. As a prophet I decree the final thing,” said Mbonye.

He was also quoted saying that he has been to heaven, and to him heaven was a glamorous place so why would he live differently here on earth?

“Hell is stuffy, poor, sickly, and degrading. I have been to heaven and it is a glamorous place with streets of gold. All attributes about God are glamour and beauty and I’m of God, so I will unapologetically be always on the side of what is rich. I have heard shallow debates where politicians defend themselves for being in air-conditioned cars. You want me to be in a car where I sweat? ”
It was also gathered that the Prophet who runs a 5,000-
seater church which has Ugandan Politicians as members, once handed a card to his members, to pledge 200,000 Ugandan shillings as the minimum.

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