By Robert Kumwenda

There are mixed reactions from different sectors of the society on what the 47th session sitting of parliament which is under way should prioritize.

Some civil society organizations, political leaders and the National Media Institute for Southern Africa (NAMISA) want parliament to include the electoral reforms on the agenda.

Professor John Chisi President for Umodzi Party said the electoral reforms are not important as the country has no resources to fund two elections in the event that the winner on the presidential ticket fail to get 50+1 percent of the total votes.

Transformation Alliance(TA) leader Mosses Kunkuyu want the electoral reforms to be included on the agenda because it will force the presidential candidates to campaign widely in order to get votes from all regions and it will reduce system that we are having now where the president elects people from one region and tribe into top government positions simply because they voted him into power.

On the same the main opposition Malawi Congress party (MCP) has threatened to boycott parliament in the electoral reforms are not tabled in this sitting of parliament.

On electricity, though the president outlined plans and programmes his government has put in place to solve the problem, Dr Lazarus Chakwera who is MCP and opposition leader said he does not see in what the president said to Malawians who expect to see change in their lives.

Umodzi Party leader said the problem is that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government they did not indicate anything on their manifesto on how they will deal with the problem of electricity.

He said they only promised Malawians subsidy for cement and malate saying that his party already indicated in their manifesto that two districts should have their own generating power of electricity.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Samuel Tembenu promised Malawians during a recent meeting held by the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) that the electoral reforms will be included on the agenda in this sitting but according to Speaker of the National Assembly they are not on the agenda.

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