By Orchestra Kamanga

One of the best lodges in the country Howa Lodge will cost K180 million after its completion within two months according to its Managing Director Masautso Sitima.

Howa Lodge which is opposite Namiyango filling station along Robert Mugabe Highway (Midima road) will add five rooms, boardroom to attract more local and international tourists with highly tourism standards.

“Within two months the lodge will have 29 rooms from 24 all self-contained and we will increase the number of employees from 9 at the moment to more to serve our customers at the highest level standards,” he said.

Masautso Sitima who is also mechanics, panel beater and spray painting said Howa lodge there is maximum security with six guards and fence with large parking area to accommodate more customers.

“After its completion of the lodge construction we will add more staff in all departments which include Administration, Sales and Marketing, accounts plus all other departments,” he said.

Sitima said he raised the money to construct the lodge from his garage business and had a contract with reputable organization in the country (Toyota Malawi).

The main challenge is that the lodge is just a new on the market industry and few people know about it but shortly it will surprise Malawians with superb services like best food.

“We have taken long time to complete because we are afraid to borrow money from the banks as it needs collateral so because we are new on the market we are afraid that they can grab our properties if we failed to pay back the money,” he said.

The Lodge started in June 2012 but opened in March 2017. It has a conference hall which can accommodate 40 people and shortly will have boardroom. It has a TV in all rooms .It provides breakfast, local and international food and provides the cheapest prices ranging from K5, 000, K10, 000, K15, 000.

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